Monday, January 12, 2009

Work Units Milestone - Jens_Klausen - 1k

Congrats to Jens_Klausen who has now made the 1,000 Work Units Milestone!

Its quite an achievement to reach the 1k work units milestone, with only one other team member currently above 1,000 work units - smASHer88_PS3 ;) This bumps him up a category in the Major Milestones Club.

With 2 GPUs cranking away, the current Team Leader has now contributed over 15% of the Team's total work units, which has increased from 10% since his 500 work units milestone. There is now also 130,000 points separating him from his closest rival! (my PS3 - smASHer88_PS3 lol)

Current stats are as follows: 1,009 work units for 455,920 points and a position of 10,558th out of 1,169,547 all-time folders.

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