Friday, November 14, 2008

Jens_Klausen has added a 2nd GPU!

Future Team Leader, Jens_Klausen has recently added a second ASUS EN9600GT SILENT graphics card to his Computer, boosting his PPD (points per day) output even further!

With his current PPD output of ~4,000, he'll most likely overtake 3rd placed RoXeD tomorrow to continue his push up the team leaderboard!

Previously running a quad-core system with a single GPU, he's told me that the NVIDIA GPU client no longer requires a dedicated CPU core to feed it, so he's squeezed in another GPU for more output. The rest of his CPU time he uses to contribute to the BOINC Distributed Computing program, running under the name Jens.

For those that haven't seen his YouTube video - Folding@Home on a NVIDIA 9600GT GPU, you can either use the link, or go back to his 10k Points Milestone where his video is also featured.

Great stuff mate!


zoneur said...

1 or 2 Card in SLI is not changing anything because CUDA use only 1 card.
I know what I'm saying because I have 2X 8800 GTx in SLI and 1 or 2 card is not changing the NS/day.

zoneur ;-)

smASHer88 said...

It'd help if I actually had a GPU folding setup of my own, but as far as folding goes, with two graphics cards installed, you have to install 2 instances of F@H, with the second apparently getting slightly lower PPD

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