Saturday, March 28, 2009

Points Milestone - peterdiva - 500k

will update tomorrow sorry

Contributions by team and project:

Donator peterdiva
Team Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
Score 505425 (certificate)
Donator Rank 11080 of 1212402
WU 675 (certificate)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Points Milestone - Jawgz - 100k

will update tomorrow sorry

Contributions by team and project:

Donator Jawgz
Team Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
Score 100780 (certificate)
Donator Rank 51908 of 1207589
WU 75 (certificate)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Points Milestone - Lahm_Family_PS3 - 200k

will update tomorrow sorry

Contributions by team and project:

Donator Lahm_Family_PS3
Team Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
Score 200440 (certificate)
Donator Rank 28112 of 1206996
WU 707 (certificate)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Work Units Milestone - ROO_BOY29 - 100

Claiming his 50 Work Units Milestone a little while ago now (back in mid-December), ROO_BOY29 has folded pretty consistently towards his latest Achievement - the 100 Work Units Milestone!

Currently placed 18th on the Team Leaderboard, he's returned exactly 105 work units for a total of 25,401 points. He is also placed 140,092nd out of 1,204,662 all-time folders. Well done mate!

Team Leaderboard Update - peterdiva moves to 2nd position

Our latest Team Leaderboard Update sees peterdiva climb a step higher on the podium, moving to 2nd position, whilst smASHer88_PS3 steps down to 3rd.

It was only a bit over a month ago when peterdiva overtook Ugly. Now it looks as though if he keeps up these consistently high points returns (5~8k PPD), he could be quite close to de-throning current Team Leader Jens_Klausen (~4k PPD) late next month!

Here's how our current Team Leaderboard looks:

(within team)
Donor Score WU
1 Jens_Klausen 737832 1682
2 peterdiva 384232 579
3 smASHer88_PS3 381328 1490
4 Ugly 279902 425
5 Lahm_Family_PS3 196658 692
6 Ravenge5 166003 745
7 RoXeD 140150 572
8 Jawgz 95130 72
9 zoneur 87603 199
10 BulleenAnt1 64573 207

PPD = Points Per Day

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Folding@Home on Windows 7 Beta with QCKRNU

Good news for those interested in running Windows 7 Beta - It seems most of the Folding@Home clients are compatible (SMP & GPU as long as you follow Vista guides apparently). There's a topic on the Folding Community Forum about people's experiences - Windows 7 - All Windows 7 comments go here.

I can vouch for atleast the current Windows XP/2003/Vista 6.23 Console Client. QCKRNU recently installed the 64 bit version of the new Beta OS, and today asked me to get him folding again by re-installing the same setup (2 x Console Client services) he had beforehand on Vista. Installation was exactly like the same and since it's been running for around 10 hours now, i'd say its pretty damn solid.

On the topic of client installation, I'm hoping to post a guide soon for the standard Console Client and how to get it running on both single and multi-core systems. Until then I suggest following either the official guide or checking out Folding@Home Wiki's How To's section.

If anyone else is running Windows 7 Beta, leave us a comment to let us know how your Folding@Home client is performing and if you've had to vary the installation process at all to get it working properly.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work Units Milestone - Johnny8380 - 100

will update soon sorry

Currently 17th on Team Leaderboard

Contributions by team and project:
Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
28072 (certificate)
Donator Rank
130216 of 1200468
100 (certificate)

Work Units Milestone - peterdiva - 500

will update soon sorry

currently 3rd on Team Leaderboard

Contributions by team and project:
Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
337283 (certificate)
Donator Rank
16391 of 1200468
513 (certificate)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Work Units Milestone - BulleenAnt1 - 200

will update tomorrow sorry

currently placed 10th on the Team Leaderboard

Contributions by team and project:

Donator BulleenAnt1
Team Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
Score 63449 (certificate)
Donator Rank 72810 of 1198142
WU 204 (certificate)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Points Milestone - newtronbom - 50k

newtronbom has become our 12th team member to crack the 50,000 Points Milestone!

My apologies as this milestone was actually achieved yesterday when he was on 51,265 points from 112 work units, but has since racked up another 2 work units to stand today at 52,324 points from 114 work units. He is currently positioned 12th on the Team Leaderboard and 84,120th out of 1,197,443 all-time folders. Great stuff mate, keep going!

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