Sunday, October 12, 2008

Work Units Milestone - BIGMAN - 50

BIGMAN has now returned a total of 50 work units on behalf of the team!

Earning 17,923 points from 50 work units, he 148,872nd out of 1,097,078 all-time folders. Good stuff mate.

Top 5 Team Members Shuffle

Our Top 5 team members have had a small change in their order with Jens_Klausen now occupying 4th spot, overtaking my computer (and founding team member) - smASHer88 to push it back to 5th spot.

The top 3 order remains unchanged, but now that Jens_Klausen has passed the 50k points milestone, each of our top 5 team members have now contributed over 50,000 points for the team! Congrats guys!

A snapshot of our Top 5:

Team members
(within team)
User Score WU
1 smASHer88_PS3 242676 990
2 Ravenge5 147630 674
3 RoXeD 108082 451
4 Jens_Klausen 54240 113
5 smASHer88 52940 181

Points Milestone - Ravenge - 2k

Ravenge has now passed the 2,000 points milestone!

Having returned 17 work units for a total of 2,056 points, he sits 429,598th out of 1,096,496 all-time folders. Keep up the good work mate.

Work Units Milestone - mikael - 100

mikael has just passed the milestone for returning 100 work units!

As of today he has returned 102 work units and made 17,735 points for the team. This sits him 149,655th out of 1,096,496 all-time folders. Well done mate.

Points Milestone - Jens_Klausen - 50k

Our one and only Danish team member, Jens_Klausen is killing it points-wise, now racking up his 50,000 points milestone!

Now sitting 70,109th out of 1,096,496 all-time folders, he has returned 109 work units for 52,320 points. Great stuff mate!

New Team Member - zoneur

Another GPU folder has joined the ranks, and funnily enough he happens to comes from YouTube just like Jens_Klausen. Welcome zoneur to the team!

I missed yesterday's reporting, but he's already racked up his 1,000 and 2,000 points milestones! Sitting on 2,400 points from only 5 work units, he's placed 405,523rd out of 1,096,496 all-time folders.

Our new team member hails from Belgium, and on his YouTube account, he's posted his own video on folding with his NVIDIA 8800GTX graphics card which features below.

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