Saturday, November 14, 2009

3rd Team Birthday Foldathon! Update - Week 2

Two weeks have passed now since we started our 3rd Birthday Team Foldathon, so it's time for another Update to see how we are progressing overall and compared to last week (Week 1).

I'll hit yous all with this week's statistics first off:
- 120,828 points (down 33,227 from last week's 154,055 points)
- 17,261 average PPD (down 4,747 from last week's 22,008 average PPD)
- Advanced 7 places in the team rankings to 583rd (advancing 3 more than last week's 4 places)
As you see we've dropped away slightly with our points output this week, meaning our average PPD obviously drops as well, but the team rankings can be quite random because we've actually advanced more placings this week! This could be just down to the fact that the teams just above us were no longer active, or they have a lower PPW output than us, whereas last week the teams just above us might have had a lot closer PPW output to ours. Anyway it was good to advance one place each day this week, because that does not happen easily!

And now for how we're travelling overall:
- 274,883 points
- 19,635 average PPD
- Advanced 11 places in the team rankings to 583rd (starting from 594th)
I think we're doing quite well here as a team, and should surpass the total of 376,655 points recorded in last year's results, by next week's update.

Our top 3 points returners have spread out slightly:
Position - Team Member - Total Points - Avg. PPD*
1st - Reece (Stats) - 87,124 - 6,223
2nd - Jens_Klausen (Stats) - 72,025 - 5,145
3rd - QCKRNU (Stats) - 54,798 - 3,914

*Average PPD (Points Per Day) = Total Points / Day no.

Reece has pulled ahead a bit more from Jens_Klausen, whilst QCKRNU has fallen a fair bit behind due to some downtime. He's currenlty switching out his 9800 GX2 graphics card's standard air cooling setup (heatsink & fan) in favour of watercooling (using a waterblock). Just preparing for an Aussie summer i guess! haha :p

Let's keep pushing on to our next update!

PPD = Points Per Day
PPW = Points Per Week

Points Milestone - Delta_Leviathan - 20k

Delta_Leviathan has made a recent comeback to folding, and it's resulted in him finally passing the 20,000 Points Milestone, which until now, has just been out of reach!

With 139 work units returned, he's earned 20,203 points so far. This positions him 22nd on the team, and 188,310th out of 1,311,916 all-time folders. Glad to see ya back mate ;)

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