Thursday, June 25, 2009

Points Milestone - Lahm_Family - 1k

Lahm_Family has passed the 1,000 Points Milestone with only one work unit!

As mentioned in their New Team Member post, folding with an SMP client really helps bring in the big points, that's why this team member is already up 1,920 points! It also means Lahm_Family debuts high up on the Team Stats at 43rd position (out of 80 team members) and sits 518,351st out of 1,253,423 all-time folders.

New Team Member - Lahm_Family

Lahm_Family is the newest name to appear on the Team Stats, debuting at 43rd position.

My new MacBook Pro 13" will fold under Lahm_Family until it has caught up with my Family's old desktop computer (smASHer88) and then they will switch over.

Since the Intel-equipped Macs (Every model for the last few years now) can only run the SMP Folding@home client (no basic client exists), my MacBook's first work unit was worth a massive 1,920 points! This sort of points return is quite normal for SMP folders.

Things are quite busy at the moment, but I will try to post an installation guide on how to get a Mac folding soon.

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