Thursday, October 16, 2008

Major Milestone Clubs

I've decided to sort of 'collate' some of the milestone achievements in both points and work units, and makeup a Major Milestone Clubs list in the top right-hand side of the blog.

The milestone figures used will be the top 3 in each category starting from a the highest achieved milestone figure that either one or more team members has achieved, and then will be the 2 figures below that as well. This may change later on depending on how many team members is in each category.

I hope this can encourage more friendly competition amongst us team members! haha

Work Units Milestone - smASHer88_PS3 - 1k

My original Playstation 3, smASHer88_PS3 has reached the 1,000 work units milestone!

Folding pretty much non-stop since Boxing Day (26th December) last year, this little ripper has just churned out the work units! Accounting for just under a quarter of Aussie Rules Footy's total work units, and just over a quarter of the total points, my PS3 is nearly 100,000 points clear of its closest rival - Ravenge5.

Exact stats are as follows - 1,001 work units, 245,506 points and sits 16,984th out of 1,099,193 all-time folders. What an achievement!

Work Units Milestone - QCKRNU - 50

QCKRNU has now recorded his first work units milestone for returning 50 for the team!

Having returned exactly 52 work units, he has earned a total of 9,858 points, and sits 212,020th out of 1,099,193 all-time folders. Good stuff mate!

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