Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Points Milestone - zoneur - 5k

zoneur has just passed the 5,000 points milestone!

Using his GPU system to his advantage, he's only been a part of the team for less than a week, and already breaking 5k milestones! He currently sits on exactly 5,760 points from 12 work units, and is placed 278,345th out of 1,099,193 all-time folders. Well done mate!

Points Milestone - mikael - 20k

RoXeD's computer mikael has reached the milestone for 20,000 points!

His computer now has returned 109 work units for 20,041 points, and sits 139,245th out of 1,098,458 all-time folders.

New Top 10 Team Member - mikael

mikael has moved up into the Top 10 on the Team Leaderboard to edge out Delta_Leviathan to take 10th spot!

It's certainly an achievement for mikael/RoXeD to have two folding aliases in the top 10!

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