Monday, October 27, 2008

New Team Member - J4CKT_PC

It looks as though our latest new team member - J4CKT_PC is part of J4CKT's subteam!

Obviously this is a PC, and it has already returned 1 work unit for 119 points. This one currently sits 904,543rd out of 1,110,747 all-time folders. Thanks for joining up!

Work Units Milestone - RoXeD - 500

RoXeD has now bumped himself up a notch in the Major Milestone Club department, returning his 500th work unit for the team!

Sitting at 120,232 points from 500 work units, he has contributed nearly 10% of all the team's points, and over 10% of all the team's work units! Currently positioned 3rd on the Team Leaderboard, he sits 35,538th out of 1,110,747 all-time folders. Great work mate!

New Team Member - Ugly

One of my mates has just joined the team and is folding under the name Ugly!

He's running the SMP client on an Apple MacBook Pro, so this explains why he has received 1,760 points from his 1st work unit! Already gaining his 1,000 points milestone, he currently sits 460,804th out of 1,110,747 all-time folders. Good stuff mate!

Points Milestone - peterdiva - 10k

peterdiva has just passed the 10,000 points milestone!

Joining the team just over a month ago in late September, he is now positioned inside the team's top 20 team members. Having a look at his donor page tells us he has 3 'active processors' folding under his name, and I can tell by looking at his Kakao Stats summary page, that he has folded atleast one SMP work unit worth 1,760 points. So i'd say he's running a dual-core computer with the SMP client, and possibly another computer with just a single regular client installed. Although, i'm just guessing!

He stats are as follows - 45 work units returned for 10,978 total points, sitting 202,248th out of 1,110,747 all-time folders.

New Team Member - J4CKT

Aussie Rules Footy now has another team member, with a folder going by the name of J4CKT joining up!

Returning 3 work units already, they have made 680 points and sit 626,027th out of 1,110,747 all-time folders.

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