Saturday, November 22, 2008

Points Milestone - QCKRNU - 20k

QCKRNU has now made the 20,000 points milestone!

Using his dual-core AMD processor, he's returned 134 work units so far for a total of exactly 20,053 points. Sitting 15th on the team leaderboard, he sits 145,347th out of 1,133,297 all-time folders. Great stuff mate.

Points Milestone - Jawgz - 10k

Jawgz has now passed the milestone for 10,000 points!

Sitting on 11,007 points from only 21 work units, he sits 21st on the team leaderboard and 206,995th out of 1,133,297 all-time folders. Well done mate.

Work Units Milestone - Aussie Rules Footy - 5k

We as a team have now collectively returned over 5,000 work units!!!

We currently sit on 5,041 work units which has earned us a total of 1,366,048 points so far. We sit 1,136th out of 147,872 all-time teams. Well done guys, we have contributed a great effort to Folding@Home so far, and we should be at 10,000 work units in no time!

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