Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sony's new 'Life with Playstation' News & Weather Software integrates the latest Folding@Home update

The latest upgrade to the Playstation 3 Folding@Home software will now be integrated into Sony's newly launched 'Life with PlayStation' News and Weather Software.

The new software will function as 'channels', two of which are available at present, one called 'Live' for the News & Weather related side, and of course 'Folding@Home' for viewing the current protein and detailed stats etc. Apparently plans are that new channels of various types will be added down the line.

The good thing about the integration aspect with Folding is that whenever someone uses Life with Playstation they are participating in Folding@Home project at the same time, as the folding process is always going on in the 'background'. So with the current draws of the cool News and Weather Globe, and the likelihood of more channels to be added later, the more participants we can likely add to the project.

If you notice that your folding performance (NS/day) has gone down, its simply because one of the updates has increased the complexity of the folding methods used on the PS3 and are now equal to those used in GPU2. This means better accuracy of scientific results. Folding points have been adjusted so that the PS3 client will still maintain a rough 900~1000 PPD.

Another addition to the folding side of things, is a 'Contribution Points' system (completely separate to the official Stanford stats) where every PS3 folder starts on a clean slate, and gradually builds points as per their contribution efforts. These new points will be linked to the current user's Playstation Network ID (PSN), so lookout for Lahmy88 & Lahm_Family on the leaderboard!

As Vijay Pande has on his blog, here is a video from lead Sony-side developer Noam Rimon explaining the functionality of the new program.

Milestone Reporting

As you may have noticed I haven't always reported 2k points milestones, but i've finally settled on my Milestones figures. Reports will be made at the following milestones.

Points Milestones
1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, 1m etc.

Work Units Milestones
50th, 100th, 200th, 500th, 1,000th, 2,000th, 5,000th, 10,000th etc.

Points Milestone - bec_clarke - 2k

bec_clarke has just passed the 2,000 points milestone!

Sitting on exactly 2,011 points from 16 work units, she's positioned 422,065th out of 1,074,611 all-time folders.

Points Milestone - Lahm_Family_PS3 - 20k

Lahm_Family_PS3 has just passed the milestone for 20,000 points!

Totalling 20,385 points from 41 work units, my 2nd PS3 is now positioned 132,569th out of 1,074,557 all-time folders.

Points Milestone - Jens_Klausen - 10k

Our favourite Dane, Jens_Klausen has passed the 10,000 points milestone!

Currently sitting on 11,520 points from 24 work units, he'll most likely be nudging into the Top 10 on the Team leaderboard tomorrow. He stands 187,642nd out of 1,074,557 all-time folders.

It also seems he's upgraded his folding setup by replacing his NVIDIA 8500GT GPU with a 9600GT model. More specifically he's using a ASUS EN9600GT SILENT graphics card. He's got all the details on his latest YouTube video featured below - Folding@Home on a NVIDIA 9600GT GPU.

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