Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Team Leader - Jens_Klausen

Jens_Klausen is now top of the team leaderboard, moving to 1st position!

It's a bit hard to believe that Jens_Klausen only joined the team 3 months ago!
Moving up a bit quicker than I honestly expected, just under a month ago I mentioned:
"As of today, Jens_Klausen now sits 2nd on the Team Leaderboard, with quite a stretch to reach my ol' faithful - smASHer88_PS3!!! No doubt this guy will chew through the 100k points buffer in no time, i'm just not looking forward to reporting on my own de-throning!"
The writing was on the wall though in early November when Jens_Klausen added a 2nd GPU to his system:
"Future Team Leader, Jens_Klausen has recently added a second ASUS EN9600GT SILENT graphics card to his Computer, boosting his PPD (points per day) output even further!"
Giving up the crown, my Playstation 3 - smASHer88_PS3 had held 1st spot since around February this year. After I started folding on Boxing Day 2007, I set out a goal of 300,000 points within 12 months (PS3's PPD = 900~1,000 x 365 days = 328,500~365,000 ... minus some gameplay and a bit of downtime here and there = 300,000 points). Lucky I compensated a bit, I only had 8 days spare! I'd also like to point out (cheekily) that by looking up Kakao Stats Update History for both smASHer88_PS3 and Jens_Klausen, I can say my PS3 snuck in the 300k points mark a couple of hours before Jens_Klausen! Haha, some small consolation that is!

Congratulations to Jens_Klausen who has made a stellar contribution to Aussie Rules Footy and Folding@Home since joining.

Team members
(within team)
User Score WU
1 Jens_Klausen 301541 656
2 smASHer88_PS3 300615 1212

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