Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Team Member - fallinfantasie_ps3

We have a New Team Member - fallinfantasie_ps3!

Internationally located, fallinfantasie_ps3 is from New Jersey, USA and is keen to get his PS3 churning out work units. Unfortunately though he's had a bit of trouble with work units and their deadlines, so his initial score is pretty much the lowest you can get, other than 0! lol oh well, he's giving it a go which is great!

Sitting on 1 point from 2 work units, he's positioned 86th on the team, and 1,250,847th out of 1,323,197 all-time folders. Keep folding champ ;)

Points Milestone - BullenAnt1 - 1k

BullenAnt1 has passed the 1,000 Points Milestone!

A bit of a surprise this name is still being folded under, since i'm assuming it's a typo'd name. So if you are BullenAnt1/BulleenAnt1 reading this, please refer to the join post.

This folder has now got 1,021 points from 3 work units and sits 52nd on the team and 670,387th out of 1,323,197 all-time folders.

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