Friday, May 22, 2009

New Team Member - []_Pokenny_PS3

UPDATE (1:41 AM, Sunday, July 5, 2009): Statistics for the SubTeam members have been changed to reflect the fact that any incorrectly spelt members will not be counted as being apart of the SubTeam as discussed in []_Pokenny_Notebook's join post.

Welcome our New Team Member - []_Pokenny_PS3!

Although []_mlbrookeuk attempted, []_Pokenny_PS3 actually has his name in the correct format and spelling and therefore is the first SubTeam member!

With his first work unit returned worth 251 points, he sits 64th on the Team Stats, 1st and only within the SubTeam and 902,009th out of 1,238,342 all-time folders. Good stuff champ!

Points Milestone - PS3*Cristopher - 2k

PS3*Cristopher has brought up his second Points Milestone, now passing the 2,000 mark!

Sitting 40th on the Team Leaderboard, he's returned 8 work units so far for an exact 2,013 points. He's positioned 503,577th out of 1,238,342 all-time folders. Keep going mate!

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