Monday, November 3, 2008

PS3 Server Reset

Just over half an hour ago I switched on smASHer88_PS3 to successfully download a new work unit - Project 5308 Run 40 Clone 848 Generation 5. Lahm_Family_PS3 then downloaded Project 5308 as well, Run 35 Clone 854 Generation 8.

Reading Vijay Pande's blog, he's told us that they've reset server and that seems to have fixed the PS3 downloading troubles we've been having. I dare say this particular server didn't boot up properly after the scheduled server outage they had a few days ago. There looks to be another scheduled server outage for 171.64.65.XX network on November 5, 7 AM to 8:30 AM PST (2 AM to 3:30 AM, November 6 for us on AEDT) so if ya have some issues then, hopefully it will pass quickly.

PST = Pacific Standard Time = GMT-8
AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Time = GMT+11

EDIT: Seemed to be a 3-4 hour period after my two 7hr work units finished where they wouldn't then download another new work unit! However i've turned them back on yet again to download new work units. I seriously hope these troubles are behind us now for the PS3! Haha

PS3 Servers seem to be down

If your PS3 is saying "can't connect to Server" then your not your own. It seems to be another small problem with the servers as many people have reported on the Folding Community Forum. Less than a fortnight ago, PS3 folders experienced the same problem, and it was given a short-term fix.

So hold tight guys, hopefully the Stanford guys are working on fixing this problem as we speak, as it is daytime there now. I'm sure Vijay will give us some official news soon. I have shutdown both my PS3s for now, and will keep checking one of them every now and then and post back when i have success in downloading a new work unit! Haha this doesn't really help our Foldathon, but oh well, gotta keep crunching away best we can!

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