Friday, December 4, 2009

New Team Member - BullenAnt1

We have a New Team Member! BullenAnt1 is their name, however I suspect this is simply a typo made by an older team member in an effort to get folding again (BulleenAnt1).

If you are BullenAnt1/BulleenAnt1 reading this, then unfortunately when names are misspelt and don't match up to existing names and a work unit is returned under that silly looking second name, it can't be deleted, nor can the work units/points credit be moved to the correct name. Please contact me though -, because i'd like to have a chat and thank ya for joining up and for your contribution to our team. If this was done by someone in an attempt to hijack BulleenAnt1's name and their points, then please pick another name to fold under because that would not be cool and is the exact reason passkeys were introduced in v6 folding clients.

BullenAnt1 has 225 points from 1 work unit and sits 78th on the team, and 1,007,830th out of 1,320,456 all-time folders.

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