Thursday, December 17, 2009

Attention PS3 folders - Life with PlayStation Update 1.20 released

For all the team members that fold on their PlayStation 3s - There is an update available for the Life with PlayStation software (which contains the Folding@Home Channel).

Version 1.20 adds some cool little features, enabling streaming video playback inside the United Village Channel, photo slideshows support and adds an exclusive Channel for users from the United States - PlayStation Network Game Trailers (lucky buggers).

The PlayStation Network Game Trailers Channel allows you to watch game trailers one after the other continuously, playing back 'gapless'. You can view more information about the games, and even purchase the games without having to leave Life with PlayStation!

If you live outside the US and you're only interested in the Folding@Home Channel, then take advantage of Folding@Home Expert Mode which was included in the 1.10 Update. Instructions: Navigate to [General Settings] -> [Folding@Home Priority] and select [Expert]. Whilst in this mode, no other Channels can be accessed and all available processing power for Life with PlayStation will be directed to the Folding@Home Channel, giving a minor speed boost to the folding process ;)

That's a pretty damn good update. Let us know what ya think by leaving a comment ;)

Sources: TheSixthAxis & Official Life with PlayStation site

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