Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Got my free Playstation 3! Nice surprise too!

Last week on Wednesday (13th) I received my free Playstation 3 as part of the Sony Bravia Full HD Bonus PS3 in July deal I talked about in my post on the 23rd July - (1k PPD increase due for the team in one month!). I was very glad to see my new PS3 after only 3 weeks since purchasing my new TV, but to top it off Sony actually included a newer DualShock3 instead of the regular SixAxis controller in the box, and also some Video Ezy vouchers! Total champs!

Now to pray that the upcoming 80GB PS3s at the end of the month come with DualShock3s so I can sell this one for a decent price and still end up with the better controller!

Points Milestone - erBotty - 1k

erBotty has passed the 1,000 point milestone! Now sittin with 2,250 points from 5 work units, they sit 393,781st of 1,054,720 folding participants.

I'm a bit slow to report on this one actually, as erBotty passed this mark approximately 2 days ago with a 1,250 point work unit! How do I know this? Well I occasionally checkout the very trusty 3rd party stats provider - Kakao Stats. Specifically I looked up this page - erBotty's Summary and it tells me that they have returned a work unit worth 1,250 points at 22:00~23:00 GMT on the 16th. This is about 8~9AM in GMT+10 Time (What i'm on) on the 17th. So yeh, about two days ago lol.

Just on the 13th, I took a stab at guessing what this team member's folding with (New Team Member - erBotty). Looking at the Project Summary page, I can say now that a Playstation 3 would have to be a correct answer, as there is only two work units which credit 1,250 points, and that is Project 4044 & 4045 which both are PS3 work units.

Congrats to erBotty and hope to get in contact with you soon.

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