Saturday, November 7, 2009

3rd Team Birthday Foldathon! Update - Week 1

It's been one week since we kicked off our 3rd Birthday Team Foldathon, and I thought i'd give you all an Update on how we're going.

I'm a bit disappointed to see that whilst we are pulling big numbers, only 20 or so team members have actually participated in the Foldathon so far. Out of those 20, it seems less than 10 are doing the bulk of the work and the top 3 guys that i mention later, are basically 'carrying the team' in this event :(

So far, this is what we've achieved as a Team in this first week:
- 154,055 points
- 22,008 average PPD
- Advanced 4 places in the team rankings to 590th (starting from 594th)
Now you might have noticed that i've been keeping track of the top 3 folders during our Foldathon, listing them just below the countdown clock. These are three team members that are essentially 'carrying the team' as they're combined points return make up over 3/4 (78.7% to be exact) of the total points returned this week! (121,259). These guys do have computer systems (or multiple) that are capable of high PPD figures, and I acknowledge that some of you are doing your best, but to rely on these guys almost entirely is not good for our team's 'health' going forward. The sudden loss of peterdiva's high PPD returns a while back pretty much stopped our team advancing in the team rankings!

All I ask as is that as many of us as possible contribute a work unit atleast once a week, preferably more, than our team could move up the ranks a lot quicker and we can start to rely on there being a set amount of points coming in each day from the whole team, not just from a handful. During this Foldathon though, try to contribute as much as you can, and if possible, recruit some friends and family to join up as well ;)

The aforementioned 'team carriers' lol which is our 3rd Birthday Team Foldathon top 3:
Position - Team Member - Total Points - Avg. PPD*
1st - Reece (Stats) - 42,115 - 6,016
2nd - QCKRNU (Stats) - 39,716 - 5,674
3rd - Jens_Klausen (Stats) - 39,428 - 5,633

*Average PPD (Points Per Day) = Total Points / Day no.
It is still great to see how high our current points returns are, but i'll just stress again that every team member needs to do their bit. I don't see Folding@Home as something to just do 'every now and then'.. It's a project that needs your help, and regularly.

So as not to leave you feeling unappreciated, I do want to say that despite many members not contributing anymore, there has been a few of you that have come back on board, and it's great to see. I just hope everyone can stick around post-Foldathon and keep up the good work ;)

Let's push on to next week's Update and see if we can improve on our already impressive figures!

PPD = Points Per Day

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