Thursday, December 11, 2008

Points Milestone - Lahm_Family_PS3 - 100k

My 2nd Playstation 3 - Lahm_Family_PS3 is the 5th team member to achieve the 100,000 points milestone! Thus moving up a category in the Major Milestone Club.

Joining the team in late August, I was hoping to gain atleast 100k points by the end of the year, so i'm very happy it's achieved that. Pretty much folding 24/7 (with only occassional power outages and a bit of music playing in between), it wasn't overly hard to achieve. Now I want to set a target of 300,000 points by 27 August 2009.. which would mean a tidy 300k points per year.

Currently on 100,383 points from 343 work units, it's sits 5th on the team leaderboard, and 45,147th out of 1,147,479 all-time folders. No doubt i'll keep her folding as much as possible!

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