Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Team Member - Lahm_Family_PS3

Well i've decided to keep the bonus PS3 I got with my Bravia TV after all. Not selling it anymore, my old man is going to use it mostly for his music and for watching DVD/Blu-rays on the 2nd TV.

Lahm_Family_PS3 is the name the new PS3 will be folding under. It's returned it's 1st work unit already! So far its only got 250 points, but I noticed its crunching through a big 1,250 point work unit now, so it looks like the 1k PPD increase due for the team in one month! that i was talking up a month ago, should hold true! Haha.

I'll post a 'Folding Setup' picture for this PS3 soon.

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