Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another new Paper! Ribosome Gate

Only on Tuesday Vijay Pande announced on his blog that the Project published New Alzheimer's Disease Work. Now another paper, Folding@Home's 59th to be exact, has been published - 'Side-chain recognition and gating in the ribosome exit tunnel'.

The Ribosome plays a very important role in Protein research says Vijay:
"The ribosome is a fascinating molecular machine, responsible for the synthesis of proteins. For this reason it is of fundamental importance to protein folding (as the last step in the central dogma of biology) as well as to human health (since the ribosome is the target of a very large fraction of antibiotics)."
Vijay mentions that this paper has been made possible by the contributions of folders running 'bigWU' enabled classic clients stating:
"the ribosome is so huge that it would not run on regular classic clients."
It's certainly good to see a couple more important research papers come out lately, and only a day after another! I can't wait to see what other papers get released and how they can help us move forward in the Protein research field.

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