Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 5 Team Members Shuffle

It was only 5 days ago, Jens_Klausen nudged aside long-running 3rd placed team member RoXeD, but now it's Ravenge5 turn to give up his long-running team placing as well (2nd). As of today, Jens_Klausen now sits 2nd on the Team Leaderboard, with quite a stretch to reach my ol' faithful - smASHer88_PS3!!! No doubt this guy will chew through the 100k points buffer in no time, i'm just not looking forward to reporting on my own de-throning!

Current top 5:

Team members
(within team)
User Score WU
1 smASHer88_PS3 273831 1114
2 Jens_Klausen 167279 353
3 Ravenge5 166003 745
4 RoXeD 132100 543
5 Lahm_Family_PS3 79173 271

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