Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PS3 work unit downloading issues given short-term fix

If you fold using a PS3, you probably would have noticed just lately, in the last few days or so that your system may have had troubles downloading a new work unit. It seems the servers have been temporarily out of 'jobs' or work units to dish out.

Reading Vijay Pande's blog, Stanford have implemented a short-term fix for the issues, but no comment as to exactly what is wrong.

I had both my PS3s switched off for two days, turning them back on every now and then to see if a new work unit could be downloaded. Last night both PS3s successfully downloaded new work units, one after 1 retry, the other straight away. As far as I can tell, both have been trouble free since. So if you currently have your PS3 down, waiting for these issues to pass, switch her back on, everything should be smooth sailing for now! lol

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