Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!

Ahhh, what a wonderful time of year! Staying up late on Christmas Eve, posting on my blog early Christmas morning! Can't wait to get stuck into my presents later today!

I would just like to thank everyone involved in Aussie Rules Footy (team members & power-bill payers!) as our Team has made some real progress in 2008, and i'm glad we are now part of the Top 1,000 Folding@Home teams, that definitely is an effort!

As i've got plans to go away after Boxing Day, the blog might go for a week or so without any updates... bad news I know! lol But I will be sure to pickup the slack when I get back, hopefully flooding with new posts! I'll see how busy the 26th is, and i'll try to make a post or two then that i've been meaning to make.

Anyways I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, your Friends and Family as well. Have a safe Holidays, whether your travelling around or whatever, and also, have a Happy New Year!!!

EDIT: Feel free to add a comment to let us know how you are spending these

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