Sunday, October 19, 2008

Points Milestone - Lahm_Family_PS3 - 50k

My old man's Playstation 3, Lahm_Family_PS3 has now passed the 50,000 points milestone!

Since joining the team late August, this PS3 has kept it's PPD (points per day) between the average 900~1,000 for a PS3. Expect a 100k points milestone Christmas present from this one! In the new team member post i made at the time, i said i would post a 'Folding Setup' picture soon... well, just look for my next post.

Lahm_Family_PS3 now has exactly 50,211 points to it's name, and that comes from returning 157 work units. It now sits 73,137th out of 1,101,765 all-time folders.

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