Sunday, October 31, 2010

smASHer88 and Lahm_Family folding names switch over

The computers that fold under the names of smASHer88 and Lahm_Family will switch over as of today.

When I started the Aussie Rules Footy team, I had only one computer to run Folding@Home on, and that was the old family computer (AMD64 3500+). I setup smASHer88 as my name (and therefore it's name) as not only did I not have a computer of my own, I wanted to identify myself more personally.

I bought my MacBook Pro 13" in June last year and as I explained then, the plan was that:
"My new MacBook Pro 13" will fold under Lahm_Family until it has caught up with my Family's old desktop computer (smASHer88) and then they will switch over."
Well that was the plan, but this year has been quite busy for me and i've simply forgotten to switch them over. Currently Lahm_Family sits on 135,546 points compared to smASHer88's 90,155 points, only 45,000 points past where they should have been switched over! lol

Anyway, that's how it is now :)

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