Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Team Member - []_Pokenny_Notebook

Welcome the correctly spelt []_Pokenny_Notebook to the Team! lol

Unfortunately you cannot get any name on the Team Stats altered, that's why i stress to New Team Members to double-check their spelling. ;p From now on, any incorrectly spelt SubTeam members won't be counted now when talking abouts stats. :( I'm going to change past posts to reflect this as well.

[]_Pokenny_Notebook has so far returned just the one work unit worth 336 points. This funnily enough, places him below the misspelt []_Pokenny_Notebook on the Team Stats, at 64th. He's 4th out of 4 SubTeam members and 860,763rd out of 1,258,336 all-time folders.

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