Thursday, November 5, 2009

Points Milestone - QCKRNU - 200k

QCKRNU has now passed the Points Milestone mark of 200,000!

It's only been a month and half since he passed 100k points, which means he's been producing just over ~2,000 PPD since then. As you might have seen though in the last few days, he's capable of putting out much more (over 10,000 PPD). This is because his computer is packing a fair bit of folding power! See -> Look out! QCKRNU now has a GPU folding! to find out more.

7th on the Te

PPD = Points Per Day
Contributions by team and project:

Donator QCKRNU
Team Aussie Rules Footy (52735)
Score 206286 (certificate)
Donator Rank 36241 of 1308444
WU 601 (certificate)

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