Monday, June 29, 2009

Points Milestone - []_Pokenny_PS3 - 10k

The SubTeam's top dog - []_Pokenny_PS3 has now reached the 10,000 Points Milestone!

He's folded 36 work units so far for an exact points figure of 10,047. This positions him 256,534th out of 1,256,095 all-time folders, 26th on the Team Stats and as mentioned above is 1st out of the 4 SubTeam members. Doing great champ!

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Paul said...

Ha, it has taken me ages to get here. I've had issues with my internet over the past couple of weeks.

However it seems to have passed. I've also just reasently got myself a notebook, so you will see a new user soon. Well as soon as it finishes it's first WU. It does take a while doesn't it.

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