Sunday, March 8, 2009

Folding@Home on Windows 7 Beta with QCKRNU

Good news for those interested in running Windows 7 Beta - It seems most of the Folding@Home clients are compatible (SMP & GPU as long as you follow Vista guides apparently). There's a topic on the Folding Community Forum about people's experiences - Windows 7 - All Windows 7 comments go here.

I can vouch for atleast the current Windows XP/2003/Vista 6.23 Console Client. QCKRNU recently installed the 64 bit version of the new Beta OS, and today asked me to get him folding again by re-installing the same setup (2 x Console Client services) he had beforehand on Vista. Installation was exactly like the same and since it's been running for around 10 hours now, i'd say its pretty damn solid.

On the topic of client installation, I'm hoping to post a guide soon for the standard Console Client and how to get it running on both single and multi-core systems. Until then I suggest following either the official guide or checking out Folding@Home Wiki's How To's section.

If anyone else is running Windows 7 Beta, leave us a comment to let us know how your Folding@Home client is performing and if you've had to vary the installation process at all to get it working properly.

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