Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Points Milestone - Jawgz - 50k

Jawgz has now claimed the 50,000 Points Milestone!

Using a Macbook Pro running the SMP client, he's averaged roughly 1,000 PPD since his 20k Points Milestone, but lately he's been producing nearly 2,000 PPD!

Jawgz also now moves into the 50k Points Major Milestone Club, joining smASHer88 and zoneur.

With a total of 51,666 points from 46 work units, he is currently placed 10th on the team leaderboard and 79,817th out of 1,166,394 all-time folders.

Congats mate, you've made a great contribution to Aussie Rules Footy so far!

PPD = Points Per Day

EDIT: Jawgz no longer has work computers contributing under his name.

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