Monday, January 5, 2009

Jim Clark & John Hennessy visit Folding@Home offices

Just before Christmas, on the December 22, 2008, Entrepreneur Jim Clark and current President of Stanford University - John Hennessy visited the offices of Vijay Pande and his Folding@Home team.

Jim Clark, formerly a Professor of Computer Science at SU and founder of many Silicon Valley tech companies has contributed much back to his former stomping ground, with one of his more notable donations being a sum of $100M towards building the Clark Center, a Uni-wide center for interdisciplinary Biology.

Vijay posted on his blog about the visit, saying:
"Today, Dr. Clark along with John Hennessy (the President of Stanford University) visited our offices to hear about our recent work. They both were heavily involved in computer architecture in the past, so they were interested to hear about our work with GPUs and the success we are seeing there (in particular, the significant speed increases). Also, they are both interested in neuroscience and so I was excited to tell them about our recent Alzheimer's work.

Anyway, I was excited to give them both an update and some idea of where we're going, and it was great fun for me to tell them all about how much we've done."
Both Jim Clark's and John Hennessy's Wikipedia pages are interesting reads.

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