Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Folding@Home Stats Server updates to be quicker in 2009

Folding@Home's Statistics Server, used to provide all Team and Donor stats etc. will receive an update sometime in 2009 to speed up the time it takes to update the stats database, meaning that instead of waiting the first 45 minutes of each 2 hour update cycle just to see our Team stats page, it might only take the first 15 minutes, and hopefully with an hourly update cycle.

Currently you see this message in approximately the first 45 minutes of the current 2 hour update cycle:

Stats update in progress

External access to the Folding@home stats server is currently not available in order to expedite the stats input process. This was started on the hour and we expect this to take about 45 minutes. The stats updates run in 2 hour cycles.

An intention to update message is currently sitting beneath the lines above, telling us:
"In 2009, we will be upgrading our stats server such that the whole database will fit in RAM (this used to be the case, but FAH has gotten quite big over the last few years and the related databases require over 20GB). We expect that this new stats server should greatly speed up stats updates."
It's good to see that the Folding@Home team works to constantly improve their systems.

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