Thursday, November 6, 2008

Points Milestone - Jens_Klausen - 100k

Jens_Klausen has now past the 100,000 points milestone, bumping himself up a notch in the Team Member Major Milestones Club!

Joining the team less than two months ago, Jens_Klausen has been making over 50,000 points / month! Just goes to show that GPU folding pays... pays very well! Haha thats points-wise anyways.. as for the science of Folding@Home, it's still important to have a range of different clients complimenting each other. For example, GPU clients lack flexibility in the type of work they can 'fold', whereas CPU clients have the most flexibility, but are obviously a lot less powerful. PS3s sit somewhere in between. So team members, if your not getting heaps of points for your work.. don't worry, it's all helping out!

So anyway, Jens_Klausen is now on exactly 101,720 points from just 217 work units. He's currently 4th on the team leaderboard, and sitting 42,275th out of 1,121,283 all-time folders. Awesome achievement mate!

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