Saturday, November 29, 2008

Folding@Home Server changes plan to reduce downtime

Vijay Pande has posted some news on his blog about recent changes regarding the Collection Servers (CS), and also about plans for Server upgrades in the near future.

The Collection Servers have gotten a bit of tweaking, and have been moved onto a new network as the old one has had quite a few problems. Both Servers ( & are reportedly doing well for now. These servers act as backups when the Work Servers (where you download work units from) can't handle all the completed/uploaded work units, or when they are down.

The Folding@Home team also plan to issue general server upgrades with v5 code (currently in beta testing with Project 3798) early next year, with production Work Servers likely to be updated starting in January. This v5 code is being built from scratch and hopefully will result in much more stable servers for a more reliable Project network.

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