Sunday, October 5, 2008

Points Milestone - RoXeD - 100k

We now have two Canadian team members who have passed the milestone for 100,000 points, this time its RoXeD!

Ravenge5 being the other one, these guys both run computers also, but under different names.
RoXeD is also mikael. Ravenge5 is also Ravenge... which is more of an obvious one lol. They both have dual-core computers which means they can double their output compared to us single-core people.. lucky!

So anyway, now RoXeD has 100,792 points from 424 work units. Sitting solidly in 3rd spot on the Team Leaderboard, he sits 40,043rd out of 1,092,028 all-time folders. Great stuff mate.

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