Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Points Milestone - smASHer88 - 50k

My computer, smASHer88 has finally passed the 50,000 point milestone!

Its only taken 167 work units to get there! Only! Folding since November 2006, my computer was initially on for only a couple of hours a day. Then as I was starting to download more and more movies etc. I started folding mostly 24/7 and was scoring nice 500 point work units which i'd usually complete twice a week, so it was a steady 1,000 points per week. But the last 6 months or so its been all over the place with what sort of work units its been getting, and seems to be very slow at times at returning them. I've calculated if my total points so far is 50,315, and i've returned 167 work units, then it seems my average points/work unit since starting is 300.

At the moment i'm placed 64,301st of 1,041,069 participants for all time.

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