Friday, June 20, 2008

Folding@Home over 2 Petaflops again and this time not stopping there

With the recent release of a GPU2 beta client for NVIDIA graphics cards, the OS Stats has soared ~250 Teraflops to a total project power of ~ 2.2 Petaflops!

The combined GPU stats (a GPU2 client already existed for ATI cards) now sit at around 450 Teraflops... Not bad for only ~4,000 active GPU folders. The good thing to see is that the project now has over 310,000 active folders, edging closer to 320,000.

Hopefully with more and more clients of different hardware compatibility, the project can accumulate more participants, push progress, and result in new research papers being released.

Congrats to Vijay's Folding@Home development team for the release of this latest client and also to those who are currently folding with a graphics card.

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