Saturday, May 31, 2008

Recently achieved Milestones

Just as of yesterday Aussie Rules Footy achieved a team-ranking milestone for moving into the top 2,000 teams of all-time, which is a pretty good effort considering there is now over 120,000 teams listed in the official stats.

Back on the 18th May, the team actually achieved a milestone for Work Units, returning over 2,000 WUs since the team started back in November 2006.

It will not be long now before the team reaches a points milestone of 500,000. We're folding at a rate of ~2,000PPD (points per day) and will be very happy to see such a milestone achieved.

Going about a month back on the 29th April, my Playstation 3 - smASHer88_PS3 which pretty much folds 24/7 (advanced mode of course) achieved a points milestone of 100,000! I only got my PS3 on Boxing Day in '07 (26th December), so its achieved 100,000 points in 4 months = 25,000 points/month. Can't complain with that. On the 10th May it also achieved a milestone for Work Units, with over 500 being returned.

I gotta thank Ravenge5, my Canadian team mate as he's been pushing real hard with his PS3, clocking up points just as quick as my unit and he already past his 50,000 point milestone a while ago, sittin up round 70k points now. Good stuff mate.

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